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Wisdom Charging Rack, 12 Port

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The NWCR-12/BL is a double sided charger rack with 12 charging ports, 6 per side. Each lamp charges independently with an LED per charge port to indicate charging or fully charged.

Charging station works with Cordless Lamp Models:
Wisdom 3, Wisdom 4, Wisdom 6 and Wiselite2


Faster charging – After applying the intelligent fast charging technology, the time to fully charge the lamp is much less than before. For WISDOM Lamp 3D, it takes only 3 hours to get full charge; while for Lamp 3A, about 5 hours is enough.
Higher efficiency, less heat – Compared with the past generations of the chargers, the charger PCB of NWCR-12BL is improved to be more efficient. Even charged in full power, it generates only a little heat.
Wide range voltage – Voltage range of the AC power supply is: 100~240V.? The wide range makes the charger applicable to specific voltage standard in all countries.