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MSA Hard Hat Screw-On Lamp Bracket Kit

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MSA 15244 Screw On Hard Hat Mine Light/Lamp Bracket
– Designed specifically for use with MSA helmets (Comfo)

  • LIGHT THE WAY: Ideal for dark and confined spaces, the screw-on lamp bracket allows a lamp to be attached to your MSA protective headgear for optimal brightness and visibility.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: MSA light holders and brackets are designed specifically for use with MSA helmets. The screw-on design allows for quick and easy installation.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MSA EQUIPMENT: The helmet attachment is designed to be a perfect accessory to any MSA protective cap, hard hat, and helmet to improve usability and increase the scope of applications
  • ULTIMATE CUSTOMIZATION: MSA offers a full line of hard hats and accessories to create customized comprehensive above-the-neck systems for enhanced safety solutions in every application.
  • THE SAFETY COMPANY: In the spirit of the MSA mission, all components of the above-the-neck/hard hat accessories product line harness precision engineering to craft the highest-quality safety products enable work in the safest environments possible