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Low Pro Pin Liner (LPL1)

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Pro Pin Adjustable Suspension Liner with pin lock style closure SEI Ref. No. Brand Model No. HD LPR 01 Low Pro LP01 - Type I, Class G; Suspensions: Ratchet or Pin-lock; Shell Colors: black, white, red, blue, clear, green, orange, grey, pink The SEI Certification Mark may be used in the marketing, packaging and promotion of the model detailed above, in accordance with the provisions of the SEI Certification Program Manual. Per the SEI Certification Program Manual, SEI shall certify the manufacturer's product model(s) and grant the right to use the SEI certification mark when 1) the Testing Laboratory has determined that the product model submitted and tested successfully meets the appropriate product standard, 2) the Quality Assurance Auditor has determined that the manufacturer complies with SEI quality assurance requirements through an on-site audit, including a review of the quality manual and procedures, 3) the manufacturer has paid all fees, and 4) product liability insurance requirements are met. Following initial certification, SEI conducts annual follow-up testing on samples which are selected by SEI during the annual quality assurance audit. SEI’s certification program is accredited as a System Type 5 per ISO/IEC Guide 67:2004(E).

 **Please Note** AIR DRY ONLY!