Cordova 3040 Loop Out Cotton Kevlar, Terry Knit Work Glove (12 PK))

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  • Terry Knit Work Glove
  • Cut Resistant
  • 20oz
  • Knit Wrist
  • Heat Protection up to 250 Degrees
  • Terry Knit Design Traps Air
  • Resistant to Sparks
  • Machine Washable for Extended Use

This Kevlar-Cotton blended terry knit glove has loop-out terry cloth design to protect the wearer from cuts and intermediate heat up to 250 degrees. The loop-out pile also allows for long wear and use as the design is better able to withstand the strain of rubbing, pulling twisting and tugging by the wearer. The loosely twisted loops that make up the loop-out fabric are softer and more absorbent than other tightly twisted loops.

This glove has been blended with Kevlar brand fibres for increased strength cut resistance and spark resistance. Is more resistant to heat, cut slash and abrasion providing the user with a durable and long-lasting glove choice. This glove fits perfectly in the Automotive and appliance industries., as well as: HVAC, metal stamping, ceramic manufacturing. Bakeries and bottling plants where contact to heat and sharp objects is of a safety concern would also benefit from this type of glove.